What is Website; Easy computer website (2 types of website)

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What is Website


What is Website :- 

A website is a web page that contains a collection of pages such as text, image, audio and video home page. Because there is a menu on the homepage. Each website has a unique Internet address (URL) that you need to enter in your browser to access any website. A website can be hosted on more than one server and can go to the homepage via a computer network.

The first website was launched on 6 August 1991 And was brought into the world. It was developed by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN. As of January 2018, there were 1.7 billion websites in the country.

The benefits of the website are given as follows : –

1. Cost Effective :- Allows to make changes related to products and services through a website such as you can edit the specifications, features, discount offers etc. of the products.
2. Broader demographic reach :- A website can help your business reach different people around the world.
3. Business credibility :- Having a user-friendly website in search of your business makes people consider your business the most reliable than others.
4. 24/7 Availability :- You can keep them available for sale around the clock through your website. Customers can buy anytime, and you can also earn more profits than a traditional storefront.
5. Consumer Convenience :- It improves your customers’ shopping experience; You can buy your products at home comfortably.

Types of Websites :-

There are two types of websites based on webpages :-

o Static website
o Dynamic website

What is Website In Static website :-

A static website, as the name suggests, does not change the pages in this website. This is the basic type of website that is easy to create and host. There is no need for web programming and database design to create a static website. Its webpage is coded in HTML. The codes are set for each page, changes can be made by changing the code if you need to.

You can think of it as a business that has the same information for each user. All users are interested in their location and see all the information regardless. Static websites open special pages at any time.

In the case of a static website, the webpage is stored directly in the server, which does not require an interpreter (application software) to interact with the database to obtain data from the database. Therefore, static websites do not require database and server-site scripting. And the website is done live

What is Website Benefits of Static website:-

o It takes less time to build a stable website.
o It costs less to develop this website.
o Webpages are delivered to the server at high speeds.
o Hosting costs lower through servers.
o Is more secure than dynamic sites because CMS does not rely on plugins and server-side scripting.

What is Website In Dynamic website :-

A dynamic website is a collection of web pages that change dynamically. It accesses a database or content management system (CMS). Therefore, when you change or update the content of the database, the content of the website also changes or gets updated.

A dynamic website uses both client-side scripting and server-side scripting to generate dynamic content. For example, when a browser sends a request to the server, the server contacts the application server and interacts with the database server to fetch content, which is customized according to the user’s requests and needs. For example, a Facebook page may appear differently to different users according to their friends list, interests, location and so on.

What is Website

Types of websites based on their purpose:-

1. Blog
2. E-commerce
3. Informational
4. Online Community
5. Social Media
6. Brochure
7. Non-profit

What is Website

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