What Is Internet; Easy computer internet (4 types advantages)

What Is Internet

What Is Internet :- 

The Internet is a global network that connects billions of computers around the world to each other and to the World Wide Web. It works by connecting billions of computers in the world. It is established through an optical fiber technologies. And uses the standard Internet Protocol Suite. Currently, the Internet is the fastest way to send information and data to computers around the world.

It is believed that the Internet was first developed by the United States in 1969. And was established by the Department of “Defense Advanced Projects Agency” (DARPA).

What Is Internet Called a Network :-

The Internet is called a network because it forms a network by connecting servers using routers, switches and telephone lines and other communication devices and channels. And it is made a network through physical cable such as copper telephone wire, optic cable, TV cable. After this, it is also 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi and wireless connection using internet.

An Internet is a network that is not designed for a single human being. It is a concept based on physical infrastructure connected to a global network of billions of computers. And as of 12 August 2014, there were over 300 million internet users across the country.

What Is Internet

How does internet work :-

The Internet works with the help of a client. Many devices, such as laptop cell phones, are connected to the Internet, and are called clients, because they are directly connected to the Internet. Just as there is an address for your home that uniquely identifies your home, an IP address acts as the shipping address of your device. The IP address is provided by your ISP, and which IP address is given to you via the Internet.

An Internet server is a large computer that stores websites inside itself. It also has an IP address. A place where a large number of servers are built is called a data center. The server accepts requests sent by the client through a browser on a network (Internet).

What Is Internet

Advantages of the Internet :-

Instant messaging :- You can send messages or dialogs to anyone using the Internet, such as email, voice chat, video conferencing, etc.
Online Shopping :- Allows you to do online shopping like you can do clothes, shoes, movie movie tickets, railway tickets, flight tickets sitting at home and more.
Pay bill :- You can pay bills online, such as electricity bill, gas bill, college fees etc.
Online banking :- help you in internet banking In which you can check your balance, receive money or allow transfer and statement.
Online selling: – You can provide your products or services online. Helps you reach more and more customers and thus increase your sales and increase profits.
Work from Home :- If you need to work from home, you can do it using the system through internet access.

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