Type of Computer; Easy and using computer(3 types of computer)

We can classify computers in two ways based on data handling capabilities and size.

Type of Computer

There are three Type of Computer :-

• Analogue Computer
• Digital Computer
• Hybrid Computer

(1.) Analogue Computer :-

Analog computers are designed to process analog data. Analog data is continuous data that is constantly interchangeable and does not have discrete values. Analog computers are used where we do not need exact values such as speed, temperature, pressure, and current. And usually give output in the form of readings on a dial or scale. Speedometer and mercury thermometer is analog computer.

Advantages and using analogue computers :-

• This allows for real-time operations and calculations to be performed at the same time and continuously represent analog machine data.
• This allows the calculation of digital electronic form and vice versa without the help of a transducer to convert inputs or outputs.
• The programmer can scale the problem to the dynamic range of the analog computer. And helps in understanding errors and their effects.

Type of Computer

Types of analogue computers :-

• Slide Rules
• Differential Analysers
• Castle Clock
• Electronic Analogue Computer

(2.) Digital Computer :-

Digital computers are designed for computation and logical operation at high speeds. It accepts raw data as inputs in the form of digits or binary numbers (0 and 1) and processes the output into its memory to produce it. All modern computers such as laptops, desktops including smartphones that we use at home or office are called digital computers.

Advantages of Digital Computer :-

• It gives you a large amount of information and allows it to be retrieved easily.
• You can easily add new features to the digital system.
• Hardware is low cost in IC technology.
• It provides high speed as it processes data digitally.
• It is highly reliable because it uses error correction code.

(3.) Hybrid Computer :-

Hybrid computers have the characteristics of both computers. It is fast like an analog computer and has memory and accuracy like a digital computer. It can process both true and discrete data. It accepts analog signals and converts them into digital form and serves to transmit data with each other. So, it is widely used in special applications where both analog and digital data are processed. For example, petrol pumps use a processor that converts the measurement and quantity of fuel flow into a price.

Type of Computer

Advantages and using hybrid computer :-

• The analog computer subsystem has a very high speed due to all the parallel configurations.
• Accurate and quick results are obtained and are more accurately useful.
• It has the ability to solve the largest equation in real time.
• It also aids on-line data processing.

Type of Computer

On the basis of size the computer of five types :-

• Supercomputer
• Mainframe computer
• Miniframe or Minicomputer
• Workstation
• Microcomputer

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