Output devices; Easy output devices (5 types output devices)

Output devices :- 

The Output devices displays the processing result of the raw data which is entered into the computer through the input device. There are many output devices. Such as text, image, hard copy and output to audio or video display in its own way.

Popular Output devices are given below :-

1. Monitor
2. Printer
3. Projector

1. Monitor :- A monitor is a computer’s display unit or screen. This main is an output device that displays processed data or information in the form of images, audio, or video.

Types of monitors that are given below :-

o CRT Monitor
o LCD Monitor
o LED Monitor
o Plasma Monitor

2. Printer :- The printer prepares the processed data in a hard copy. And enables the user to print pictures, text or any other information on paper. Depending on the printing system, there are two types of printers: impact printers and non-impact printers.

o Impact Printers : They are two types :-

A. Character Printers

i. Dot Matrix printers
ii. Daisy Wheel printers

B. Line printers

i. Drum printers
ii. Chain printers

o Non-impact printers : They are two types :-

A. Laser printers
B. Inkjet printers

3. Projector :- A projector is an Output devices that enables the user to run an output project on a large surface such as a large screen or wall. It is connected to a computer or a device to perform its output project on a large screen. It uses light and lenses to produce magnified texts, pictures and videos. So, it is an ideal output device for teaching presentations to a large number of people.

Modern projects (digital projectors) come with multiple input sources such as HDMI ports for new devices and VGA ports that support older devices. Some projectors are designed with support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It can be seen on the roof, or placed on a stand, and is often used for classroom teaching, or use in cinemas, etc.

A digital projector are two types :-

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) digital projector :- Digital projectors are very popular because they are lightweight and provide crisp output. Communication technology has to be used to produce an LCD projector. This light source, and a standard lamp, is allowed to pass through its three colored liquid crystal light panels. Some colors pass through the panels and some are blocked by the panels and thus the images are on the screen.

Digital Light Processing (DLP) digital projector :- It consists of a set of small mirrors, which are a separate mirror for each pixel of the image and thus provide high-quality images. These projectors are mostly used in cinemas because they satisfy the need for high-quality video output.

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