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International Telecommunications is the agency responsible for information and communication technology. The ITU was initially intended to help connect telegraphic networks between countries, with its mandate constantly broadened with the advent of new communications technologies; It adopted its current name in 1934 to reflect its extended responsibilities on radio and telephone. On 15 November 1947, the ITU entered into an agreement with the newly created United Nations to form a special agency within the United Nations system, which formally came into force on 1 January 1949.

International Telecommunication Union India

International Telecommunication Union India

The developing world Works to make. It is also active in areas of broadband Internet, wireless technologies, aeronautics and marine navigation, radio astronomy, satellite meteorology, broadcasting and next-generation networks. Located in Geneva, Switzerland, ITU’s global membership consists of 193 countries and about 900 professional, educational institutions and international and regional organizations.

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International Telecommunication Union India


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