Input devices; Easy computer (10 types of input devices)

Input devices
The Input devices serves to send data, information, or control signals to a computer user. The central processing unit (CPU) of the computer receives the input and then generates the output.

Some of the popular Input devices that are given below :-

o Keyboard
o Mouse
o Scanner
o Joystick
o Light Pen
o Digitizer
o Microphone
o Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)
o Optical Character Reader (OCR)
o Digital Camera
o Paddle
o Steering Wheel
o Gesture recognition devices
o Light Gun
o Touch Pad
o VR
o Remote
o Touch screen
o Webcam
o Biometric Devices

1. Keyboard :-  The keyboard is an Input devices. Which is used to enter data into a computer or other electronic device by pressing a key. It has separate sets of keys for letters, numbers, letters, and functions. The keyboards are connected to the computer via USB or Bluetooth devices for wireless communication.

Types of keyboards :-

There are different types of keyboards to use and depending on the language. Some common types of keyboards are :-

i. QWERTY Keyboard
ii. AZERTY Keyboard
iii. DVORAK Keyboard

2. Mouse :- The mouse is a hand-held Input devices that is used to move the cursor or pointer on the screen. It is designed to be used on a flat surface and usually has left and right buttons and a scroll wheel between them. Laptop computers come with a touchpad that acts as a mouse. This lets you control the movement of the cursor or pointer by moving your finger on the touchpad. Invention of the mouse Douglas c. Engelbert did it in 1963. The Early Mouse had a roller ball integrated into the bottom of the device as a movement sensor. Modern mouse devices come with optical technology that controls the movement of the cursor by a visible or invisible light beam. And the mouse is connected to a computer through various ports.

Types of Common mouse :-

i. Trackball Mouse
ii. Mechanical Mouse
iii. Optical Mouse
iv. Cordless or Wireless Mouse

3. Scanner :- The scanner uses images and pages of text as input. It scans a photo or a document. The scanned photo or document is converted into a digital form file and is displayed on the screen as output. It uses optical character recognition techniques to convert images to digital.

Types of scanner are given below :-

i. Flatbed Scanner
ii. Handheld Scanner
iii. Sheetfed Scanner
iv. Drum Scanner
v. Photo Scanner

4. Microphone :- A microphone is a computer Input devices used to input sound. It receives sound vibrations and converts them into audio signals or sends them to the recording medium. And converts audio signals into digital data. And is stored in a computer. The microphone also enables the user to telecommute with others. It is also used to do video conferencing or to add sound with a webcam.

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