History Of Computer, Easy and using computer(3 types of Advantages)

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The first automatic computer was built in 1623 by WILHELM SCHICKHARD (1592-1653) a professor at the university of Tubingen . Than came base Pascal’s (1623-1662) which was developed in fist calculating device. This machine can be perform addition or subtraction , In 1671 German philosopher and mathematician BARON GOTTEFRIED (1946-1716) invented a computer that could handle multiplication and division as well.

History Of Computer

After a long interval of 150 year, English mathematician at the University of Cambridge CHARLES BABBAGE (1792-1871) purpose at different engine in 1823 which was designed to Analytical engine it could run program .In order to written program the student of BABBAGE LADY AGUSTA.

In 1942 john attainsoff who is the employ of IBM (International Business Machine) was developed first electronic computer that named was ENIAC (Electronic Numerical integrator and calculator). Than after computer history divided in to five generation.

History Of Computer

Notes :-

CHARLES BABBAGE was the father’s of computer
• LADY AGUSTA was the first programmer.
• American scientists HERMAN HOLLERITH (1860-1929) was developed punch card

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