Computer Of Organizations, Easy and using computer

Computer Of Organizations

Computer Of Organizations

Input :- Put the information in computer a process where we can attach several input device and put the instruction of computer example for some input device are keyboard, mouse, touch pad, digital camera and scanner.

Keyboard :- Keyboard is a slandered input device it helps us to give the instruction of Computer. it just like typewriting machine. It consists 104 buttons there are divided in to Five part

i. Functional button
ii. Alpha numeric key
iii. Functional key
iv. Arrow key
v. Number key

Computer Of Organizations

Mouse :- Mouse is a stander pointer input device. When I connect mouse in CPU. than pointer are display on screen we can move the mouse than pointer
is also moved .It consists three buttons

i. Left mouse button:- It is use for ok or cancel massage box
ii. Right mouse button:- it is use for display option’s
iii. Wheel:- It is use for up or down pages

Touch pad :- This device is used for laptop computer’s instead of moving a mouse .You move the cursor across the pad the pointer moved across the screen.

Digital camera :- Digital camera is a stander input device which helps us to take the Photograph anything. It just like ordinary camera. Memory card is used to store the photograph.

Scanner :- Scanner is a stander input device it helps us to create an electronic image as picture, drawing, any other image.

Process :- Process is a method of calculating mathematical and logical operation after inputting. Any types of work in computer calculate process device. There is one process device in process that is CPU.

Computer Of Organizations

CPU (Central processing unit) :- CPU is the brain of computer and consists three main parts there are CU(Control Unit), ALU(Arithmetic And Logic unit), IR(Internal register.)

CU (Control Unit) :- It is used to coordinate the whole operation of the computer .It send the instruction in to main memory process them and executes the necessary action.

ALU (Arithmetic And Logic Unit) :- It can perform the arithmetic and logic operation such as OS.

IR (Internal Register) :- It is used to contain data and instruction after processing it is also known as memory unit.

Out put :- Output is a process where are display the result after inputting and processing.There are mainly three output device that’s are

Monitor :- Monitor is a visual display unit (VDU) it help us to display the result after processing .there are two types of monitor.

a. LCD(liquid crystal display)
b. CRT(Cathode ray tube )

Computer Of Organizations

Printer :- Printer is a stander output device is helps us to take the printout of current file on paper. There are three types of printer.

Laser printer :- Laser printer produce high quality printed document they work at high speed (on average about ten papers per minute). Laser printer can produce black and white or color print.

Ink jet printer :- Ink jet printers are very popular because they are chip to buy. They also offered color printing .There are very quiet when printing it is print 4 paper in one minute.These printer used several color cartage.

Dot matrix printer :- It is used to take the print out of current file in low quality.

Speaker :- Speaker is a standard output device it helps us to leasing the sound of music.


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