Computer Memory, Easy and using computer (2 types of computer memory)

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Memory is the graphical blank palace where we can store different types of file, folder and information. It store the data on 01 formats that is called binary system.

Computer Memory

There are two types of Computer Memory:-

Primary memory :- This type of memory open our computer and do different types of work in computer system.

There are two types of primary memory:-

RAM (Random access memory):- This type of memory access the work in computer system.

There are two types of RAM

• DRAM (Dynamic Random access memory)
• SRAM (stander read only memory)

ROM (Read Only Memory)

• PROM (programmable read only memory)
• EEPROM (Electronic Erasable programmable Read Only memory)
• EPROM (Erasable programmable Read Only memory)

Secondary memory :- 

o Punch card
o Magnetic tape
o Floppy disk
o Hard disk
o Compact disk (CD)
o Digital ventilate disk (DVD)
o Pen drive

Unites of Computer Memory :-

4 Bits =1 Nibble
Bits =1 Byte
1024 Byte =1 Kilo byte (KB)
1024 KB =1 Mega Byte (MB)
1024 MB =1 Giga byte (GB)
1024 GB =1 Tara Byte (TB)

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