Computer Fundamental: Easy and using computer(8 part full form)

Computer Fundamental

What is computer :-

Computer is an electronic data processing device that accepts input or output processes it and gets useful result according to the set of programs. It is used to handling large quantity of data. Computer came from Greek word “compute “that means calculation something. So computer is a calculating device.

Full Form Of Computer :-

C – Commonly
O – Operating
M – Machine
P – Particular
U – Used For
T – Technical
E – Education
R – Research
Computer is a commonly operating machine which is particular used for technical education and research

Advantage of computer:-

Speed → Computer is an electronic machine it is process all types of work in
Computer system in very high speed.
Accuracy → Computer is an accurate machine it can do the work with 100% accuracy.
Automatic → Computer is an electronic machine it can be done any type of work automatic.

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