Computer components; Easy computer components(5 part of components)

There are 5 main Computer components :-

o Input devices
o Output devices
o Primary memory
o Secondary memory

The operations of Computer components that are given below :-

1. Inputting :- It is raw data, which is the process of entering instructions and information into a computer. Input device which is done with the help of computer.
2. Storing :- The computer has primary memory and secondary memory storage to store data and instructions. It stores the data before sending it to the CPU for processing and stores the processed data as an output.
3. Processing :- It converts information using raw data. This process is performed by the computer’s CPU. It takes raw data from storage, and it is processed and then sends the processed data back to storage.
4. Outputting :- It is an easy process to present data processed through output devices such as monitors, printers and speakers.
5. Controlling :- This operation is performed by means of a control unit which is part of the CPU. The control unit ensures that all basic functions are executed in a correct manner.

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