Central Processing Unit; Easy computer CPU (3 types of central processing unit)

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Central Processing Unit

Central processing unit are also called processors, central processors or microprocessors. they perform all the important functions of the computer. It receives instructions from both hardware and software. It stores all important programs such as an operating system and application software. the CPU helps the input and output devices communicate with each other. CPU is called the brain of computer.

CPU (Central Processing Unit) consists of three components:-

o ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)
o Control Unit
o Memory or Storage Unit

Control Unit:-

It is circuitry in the control unit, which uses electrical signals to instruct the computer system beforehand. It takes instructions from memory and then executes these instructions by decoding them. It controls the functioning of all working parts of the computer. the main function of the control unit is to maintain and regulate the flow of information to the processor.

ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit):-

It is an arithmetic unit, which performs arithmetic and logical functions. It is included in addition, subtraction, multiplication division in arithmetic functions. selects data primarily in logical functions. A CPU can have more than one ALU. In addition, ALU can be used to run the computer and to maintain the timer.

Memory Storage Unit/ Registers:-

This is called random access memory (RAM). It temporarily stores data, programs, and intermediate. So, it acts as a temporary storage area that holds data temporarily, and is used in the use of computers.

Central Processing Unit

Types of Central Processing Unit (CPU) :-

1. Single Core CPU :- The single core computer CPU is the oldest that was used in the 1970s. There is only one core for processing various actions. Only one operation is initiated at a time. when the CPU turns on more than one program, different sets of data streams move back and forth. In the run, the data moves back and forth between different sets of streams. therefore, it is not in use with multitasking. because performance decreases when running more than one application.

2. Dual Core CPU :- As the name suggests, a dual core CPU consists of two cores in a single integrated circuit (IC). Each core has its own controller and cache, they are capable of functioning as a single unit and perform faster than single-core processors.

3. Quad Core CPU :- This type of CPU comes with integrated circuit (IC) or two dual core processors in the chip. So, a quad-core processor is a chip consisting of four independent units called cores. These cores read and execute CPU instructions. the core can run multiple instructions simultaneously,

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